Spaceteam warped onto Android

Stunningly realistic co-op starship bridge simulator Spaceteam has finally arrived on Android, supporting cross-platform play with the iOS original too. Grab some chums and a selection of phones and tablets and whatnot and prepare to hate each other whilst failing to pilot a starship.

Spaceteam gives each of the 2-4 players a random panel of instruments, controlling important functions like Granular Putty, the Geiger Powerlantern, and Multispoon, which must be toggled, flipped, activated, set to specific values, and so on as the game dictates. Only, each player sees commands for other people's instruments, so you yell around the room and eventually fail and the ship explodes and you hate each other because why didn't you Infuse the Tea?

It's a free download from the Google Play store and iTunes App Store.