Weekend PC download deals: $30 for Metro: Last Light

The summer sale train keeps on rolling, with bargains including Metro: Last Light for $30, The Walking Dead's 400 Days DLC for $2.50, Castle Crashers for $4, Monaco for $7, Trials Evolution for $10, XCOM for $10, and Skyrim's DLC-packing Legendary Edition for $36. Anyone who said I drunkenly finished this before dashing out the door with my friends to go dancing is a liar. As the Steam sale is such an all-conquering, all-destroying force, I'll recommend that before you buy, well, almost any of these, you go and check them on Steam because maybe they've come up in a daily deal or flash sale or oh I don't even care. I've chosen not to list a fair number of discounts on non-Steam sites because Steam has them for the same price and they're Steamworks games anyway. Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


The code GFDJUL20 should get you an extra 20% off these prices:

SimCity - Amusement Park DLC

Almost Human

Legend of Grimrock


Castle Crashers

Bundle Stars

Pay $3.98 for Brainpipe, Data Jammers: Fastforward, Gravi, Gumboy: Crazy Adventures, Lunnye Devitsy, Power of Defense, Shattered Haven, Tidalis, Vitrum, and Wake, plus $10 of Iron Grip Marauders credit. Most activate on Steam.

Shattered Haven


GamersGate's summer sale has loads of stuff but a lot uses Steamworks and is on Steam for the same price, so here are just a few bits and the daily deals: Friday:

Saints Row 2

Get Games

These indie games and more for 4 for $8:
  • Gemini Rue
  • Kairo
  • Serious Sam: Double D
  • Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
  • The Basement Collection
  • The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac


GOG's Anuman sale includes:


Green Man Gaming

GMG's indie sale includes:

Dear Esther

Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for eleven Jim Guthrie albums, including soundtracks for Indie Game: The Movie and Sword & Sworcery. Beat the average price to also get Indie Game: The Movie and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP


The Walking Dead - 400 Days


You know all those games on Steam? Yeah, most of them are on sale. Some sale prices will stay the same, but some will go lower in daily deals (which actually run for 48 hours), and some are in flash sales which last 8 hours. If you demand games as cheap as possible, you'll want to wait. These flash sales end at 6pm Pacific today: Here are Friday's 'dailies': Then here are Thursday's dailies, which run out at 10am Pacific on Saturday: Beyond that, I don't know. If you are in front of a computer and want to buy a video game, check out Steam's flash sales.


Subset Games

FTL: Faster Than Light