Competitive brawler TowerFall coming to PC

TowerFall creator Matt Thorson made a surprise announcement on Twitter, revealing that his competitive multiplayer brawler would soon be coming to PC with some new features. "Yes, I am working on TowerFall for PC," Thorson tweeted. "But it's going to take a couple months. There's going to be a ton of new content."

Thorson indicates that TowerFall's expansion to PC is not based on sales, noting that the Ouya version of the game is doing well. The PC version will likely release at a $15-$20 price range.

For those that haven't had the pleasure of trying it out, TowerFall is a four-player competetive multiplayer platformer. Each player is granted three arrows and must try and score kills on opponents, while opening treasure chests that grant power-ups and alter the playing field. It's one of my current obsessions, after having played it at both E3 and Evo 2013.