Deadly Premonition coming to PC

You may think your old pal Alice a terrible cynic, which truly hurts but does at least mean that when I say something's amazing, you should trust my supposedly rare excitement. Guys: the janky, odd, and endlessly wonderful Twin Peaks 'em up Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is coming to PC. Go bananas!

Deadly Premonition is an open-world murder mystery which brings an oddball FBI agent to a small Pacific Northwest town to investigate a brutal murder. Oh, but it's all sorts of weird, filled with unusual characters and questionable facial expressions and the strangest sandwich and more references to Twin Peaks than you can shake a log at.

As well as survival horror sections where Agent York Morgan slips into a nightmare world, it has you running around town questioning locals and completing side-missions for them. One minute you're fishing, the next racing to drive a Log Lady-type character and her talking pot home, then you're rearranging the grocery store's stockroom in a Sokoban-esque part-time job.

Like the PS3 edition, which arrived in April three years after the game's Xbox 360 release, it has enhanced graphics, reworked controls, a few extra missions, and a few bits of DLC to buy--suits mostly. New to PC are Steam achievements and trading cards, plus a "bonus" piece of DLC.

Go, run, vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Publisher Rising Star Games is expecting to launch the PC port around Halloween.