State of Decay due on PC this year, lightly jazzed up

Undead Labs has been hesitant to say quite when the PC edition of its open-world zombie 'em up State of Decay will arrive, as it's still working a lot on the Xbox 360 version, but has tossed out its most specific release window so far: this year. As you'd expect, it should be a little fancier than on Xbox 360, if you have a solid enough PC.

"Yes, I do think it's going to be released on PC this year," Undead Labs co-founder Jeff Strain responded plainly to a fan asking that on a recent stream with publisher Microsoft Studios (via Polygon). "There it is."

It'll initially be released through Steam Early Access, Strain revealed, letting people buy and play it while Undead Labs finishes making it. The PC version may be fancier than the Xbox 360 version too--though not massively so--as PCs are fancier.

"A modern high-end gaming PC rig is going to be able to handle higher texture resolution, more sophisticated materials, it's going to have a more-solid framerate--things like that," Strain explained. While Undead Labs is "modifying" the game to support these, Strain says there's "nothing special that we're adding to the game other than just the inherent performance benefits of a modern PC gaming rig."

He also confirmed that while the developer doesn't plan to release mod tools, it certainly supports any fan efforts to hack things into the game, as inevitably happens.

Do watch the stream if you're a fan of the game, as they talk an awful lot about the upcoming Sandbox mode and interesting parts of the game in general: