PlayStation 3 gets 'VidZone' music video streaming app

In the age of television, MTV almost exclusively broadcast a strange medium known as "music videos." These film shorts, suspected in the 1979 slaying of the radio star, consisted of popular musicians lip-syncing to their own pre-recorded tracks while wearing zany costumes.

If you want to watch some of these videos, you can check out VidZone, a new PS3 app that lets you stream music videos from names like Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Pink, and Justin Timberlake.

A PlayStation.Blog video tour goes over some of the features of the free ad-based service. The service promises more than 55,000 music videos, hundreds of music TV channels, live concerts, and artist interviews. It's all sorted by genre, so you can easily find the ones you like or subscribe to their playlists. You can save videos to your favorites for quick access to a library of music videos, too.

It's an odd addition to the PlayStation Network, and perhaps even a little redundant. VEVO, a similar music-oriented video service, can be accessed through PS3's YouTube app.