Get ready to buy a Battlefield 4 keyboard, mouse, headset, bag, phone case, book, and more

Slap the Battlefield name on something, and it will sell, right? That's what EA is betting on, as it has a large number of licensed items ready for the Battlefield 4 launch in October.

In addition to standard fare such as a strategy guide from Prima and an art book from Titan Books, deals have been struck for Razer keyboards, mice and headsets, as well as Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers from PDP. Other goodies include Qpad mouse pads, Jinx clothing and accessories, mobile cases from BigBen, BF4 art work from Cook & Becker, and BF4 wall art from Walls360.

For the more literary types, a Battlefield 4 novel entitled Countdown to War by Peter Grimsdale will flesh out the backstory for the group of soldiers in the game. Grimsdale also helped write a Battlefield 3 novel called The Russian.