Age of Wushu MMO plans expansion to console and mobile, wants movie deal

Snail Games has announced plans to expand its MMORPG Age of Wushu to console and mobile devices. It is also checking into plans for a movie adaptation.

The announcement was vague on its expanded platforms and film, simply saying those details will be revealed at a later date. It aims to leverage its focus on martial arts and the use of Chinese lore on the big screen. The game takes place during the Ming dynasty, with a particular focus on kung-fu and period-appropriate landmarks. It's free-to-play through the official site.

"The Age of Wushu game looks and plays like a major martial arts motion picture so bringing the property to movie screens is a logical evolution," said Snail founder Shi Hai in the announcement. "Our goal has always been for the property to reach the widest audience so evolving to a feature film and expanding the experience to consoles and mobile devices continues our plan."

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