Weekend Confirmed 173 - Ryan Davis remembered, Rogue Legacy, Nier

By Ozzie Mejia, Jul 12, 2013 11:00am PDT

It's an emotionally charged edition of Weekend Confirmed as the crew remembers Giant Bombs' Ryan Davis. Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata are joined by Annoyed Gamers' Marcus Beer and start off the podcast with a mini-tribute/remembrance of Ryan Davis. They come back to talk the future of gaming, GTA V, Nier, Rogue Legacy, Finishing Moves and some final last words on Ryan.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 173: 7/12/2013

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  • Garnett and crew,

    Long time listener, first time writer. You said you were looking for questions so here goes. I was a long time Nintendo fan until I purchased an N64 with Killer Instinct, which I ended up returning and relying mostly on my SNES for a while. I haven't really gotten into a Nintendo console since then, but I've enjoyed a good number of Nintendo games. I own a Wii, but I've never really used it. I'm sad that a good number of quality Nintendo games are outside of my reach this generation and what looks like the next.

    As as been discussed, the Wii U doesn't seem to be burning up the sales and I personally have no interest in purchasing one. Do you think there's a possibility that Nintendo will follow in Sega's footsteps and move to only software development in the future, assuming the Wii U does poorly. Obviously it could tank terribly and Nintendo would be fine, and I know many people would hate to see the "death" of Nintendo, but I think it would be a great step if Nintendo would develop outside of the Wii U. Sadly, I can't see that happening this generation. What do you guys think?

    Sidenote: I've never really listened to Giant Bomb, but the kind words and remembrance were quite touching. Keep up the awesome job.

  • I have recently finished The Last of Us and I would like to share some thoughts on it.

    So I have a few things to say on The Last of Us.


    I really enjoyed the story (thought it was better than Uncharted). The voice acting is really strong, some of the best in video games. I also liked the way the relationship between Joel and Ellie developed throughout the game.

    I think from a technical stand point, the game is very good. What Naughty Dog have managed to with the PS3 is very impressive (for a further look at this check out this article from Digital Foundry - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/di...-tech-analysis)


    The enemies were crap, they felt generic bad guys.

    At times it felt like I was walking from one battle to another. It is a case of walk, battle, walk battle, rinse and repeat. Also, the battles themselves were just tedious, it felt like Joel was like a death machine at times, killing everything in sight.

    Another thing which drove me mad (and it's the same with Uncharted) was the respawning. I'd clear a room and be ready to move onto the next section of the game, only to find out the game would send more enemies. I found this to be tedious.

    I don't have the massive bonk-on for the game a lot of the people seem to have for it, If I was to hand this game a rating it would be 7/10.

    I really don't see it as the one of the best of this generation, far from it. I can think of a handful of games that I think are better than this (GTA4, MGS4, Red Dead Redemption, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, hell, I even enjoyed Sleeping Dogs more than this).

    I accept not everyone will share my thoughts about the game, I just wanted to share them with you.

  • When you guys were talking about going back and playing some launch 360 games, it got me thinking about PS3 launch games.

    When I've gone back and played games that came out during the first year of the PS3's life: Resistance, Motorstorm, Warhawk, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction etc I don't think "Yeah these games suck" I've gone back and replayed a bunch of them and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wish Folklore and Heavenly Sword got sequels but unfortunately they sold like crap.

    Which brings me to my discussion idea. If you look back at that first year of the PS3's life, Sony pissed off a lot of people with their arrogance and $599 USD price and I believe the perception of their games suffered as a result. 360 games got "OMG next gen graphics this game is awesome!" while every single PS3 game that got "Is this the best game ever made that justifies Bluray, The Cell and the PS3's $599 price tag? If not then the game sucks and the PS3 is a total failure"

    That sentiment was everywhere in the gaming community and the games press at the time. Perfect Dark Zero has a higher metacritic then two of them.

    What do you think are the chances of the same thing happening to Microsoft? Gamers and reviewers looking at every game predisposed to hating it going "Is this the best game every made, taking full advantage of Kinect and the infinite power of the cloud justifying the XBone's $499 price tag? If no then it sucks and the XBone is a total failure"?

  • Garnett,

    Regarding your State of Decay comments, what should be turning you off is not the dated looking graphics or mechanics...what should be bothering you are the numerous bugs, bad logic and missed opportunities that make the game a good game, instead of a great game. For all the enthusiasm you (and I) have for the game, there are so many places where the game could have and should have been better. For example:

    1) Why do runners (people you send out on scavenger missions) always go alone and on foot, when they could drive?
    2) Why do NPCs never use guns, only melee weapons, even if you armed them with one?
    3) Why can't you rescue a runner in trouble by picking them up in a car?
    4) Why can't you ASSIGN the best person for the job to do the job? Example...you've built up a character to be rifle expert. So why can't you assign him to the watchtower? Meanwhile, why the hell does a new member of your party, with barely any combat skill, immediately run out on a special zombie hunting mission with no experience and only a melee weapon? This happens in SoD all the time. To build up characters to fulfill certain roles would have made logical sense and made the gameplay experience deeper and richer.
    6) Even after two patches, you can turn your game on after a couple of days and find that a character you have built up from the very beginning of the game to be a zombie-killing tank with the best reslilience to have wandered off during your real-world absence and died. Meanwhile, a totally green character can go out on a zombie hunting mission, fail, and still return alive. Makes no sense.

    The list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE State of Decay, and I can't wait for the "Survival Mode" that Undead Labs has cooking for it, but there is simultaneously so much in the game that goes against common sense and wastes opportunity after opportunity to be a better game that it's kind of tragic. I hope that their next-gen game for Xbox One, Class 4, which is in the planning stages, will take many of the above issues into account.

  • The Steam Summer Sale does have great deals, but it isn't a great place to get titles for collections. Where is the fun to download GTA4 Complete Collection just to sit as files on your computer?

    Being from a generation of many consoles before digital libraries, there isn't anything better than adding a brand new box to your video game collection on your shelf. When I saw MGS: Legacy at the store today, I wanted to buy it just to have it on my shelf.

    I will always prefer to purchase boxed versions of games. Having a great physical collection to view is a gamer's dream.

    And besides, and this question to Marcus, will you even play any of the older GTA games that you bought? Maybe you will for 20 minutes, but after that, the files will just sit there. And then you will play something a lot more recent.