Capcom hit with layoffs, including senior VP Christian Svensson

As part of a company reorganization, Capcom was hit with layoffs today. The number of employees affected is unknown so far, but we do know that former senior VP Christian Svensson, who has often doubled as a spokesman for the company, has left the publisher.

Polygon reports that Svensson volunteered himself to go as part of the reorganization. He noted that he's "not the only one affected," and that he'll be gathering resumes from his displaced colleagues and trying to help them find new work.

"I've had the opportunity to interface with the best fans any company could ever hope to have," he wrote on Facebook. "I know that I wasn't always able to deliver what they wanted, but I promise that I did my best to champion their needs and wants. So thank you to the fans who made my job rewarding, challenging, and, if nothing else, interesting.

"While I wish the company the best of luck, Capcom is going in a different direction and the need for people at my level, relative to other areas, is lacking. Those who know me well, know that I've been ready to go for quite some time. We tried some things that worked. We tried others that didn't. We fought fights that were worth fighting and even won a few. I'm proud of what we accomplished."

Update: Capcom responded with this statement:

"Capcom today laid off several employees from the US office as part of an overall organizational restructure of the company. The transition to the new generation of hardware and changing industry landscape have required us to adapt our business to best meet our new goals. We sincerely thank each individual for their contributions and wish them well."