Metro: Last Light 'Faction Pack' DLC due July 16

If you bought a DLC season pass for Metro: Last Light (but why would you buy DLC unseen?), you may wonder what happened to the 'Faction Pack' DLC that was due in June. It'll finally arrive next Tuesday, July 16, Deep Silver announced today, with three new single-player missions. The publisher dropped more details on the other packs too. The Faction Pack adds missions from the perspective of different Metro factions, letting you be a Redline sniper infiltrating a Reich outpost under cover of night and a radioactive storm; a Reich heavy defending the frontline with big guns; and a Polis Ranger scavenging deeper and deeper into the Library. Check the announcement for more details. It'll cost $5 on its lonesome, or comes with all the other DLC in the $15 Season Pass. On that front, Deep Silver revealed a little more of what all those are. The Tower Pack introduces a combat simulator challenge mode with online leaderboards; the Developer Pack has a shooting gallery, AI arena, and museum to play with and explore, plus a new mission with oodles of spiders; and the Chronicles pack has new missions separately starring Pavel, Khan, and Anna.

A few peeks at the Factions' missions