Secrets of Rætikon coming from Chasing Aurora dev

Indie developer Broken Rules is continuing its exploration of the outdoors. After taking to the skies in the Wii U launch title Chasing Aurora, the studio behind And Yet It Moves has announced a new aerial exploration game called Secrets of Rætikon.

Sporting a visual style similar to Chasing Aurora, Secrets of Rætikon will be set in the alpine mountains and feature landscapes filled with wild animals and restless natives. Players will have the choice to engage in combat or unlock the secrets of the world without resorting to any kind of violence. The land of Rætikon will feature hills, forests, snowy mountaintops, and more treacherous environments.

Broken Rules has been working on Secrets of Rætikon since 2011, and is expected to be released some time this year. Platforms have not been confirmed for Secrets of Rætikon, though a previous interview seems to indicate that a return to the Nintendo eShop is likely.