Beyond: Two Souls 'making of' video focuses on Page and Dafoe

Beyond: Two Souls from Quantic Dream relies heavily on the performances of Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page to relate the supernatural story. So it's not surprising that the first "Making of" trailer for the game focuses on the two actors and how they approach their performances in the game.

Entitled "Origins," the video looks at how the game concept began, and the 2,000-page document created to make the game a reality. Both Page and Dafoe spend quite a bit of time in the motion capture studio, because of the large script. "In films, they usually shoot about 2-3 minutes a day," producer David Cage said. "We had to shoot about 20 minutes [a day]."

Page said the process has been "shockingly emotional. You just don't stop... But I've really enjoyed that experience. It's weirdly freeing."

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