Destiny E3 footage gets developer commentary

Bungie released the E3 gameplay demo for it's upcoming action-shooter-RPG Destiny last week, but if you want a bit more insight into exactly what is going on, the developer has gathered three members of the team to talk you through some of the more interesting parts.

Environmental artists Mike Zak and Mark Peterson are joined by technical art director Ryan Ellis to offer a few more details on what is happening in the video once Player 1 (a Warlock class) and Player 2 (a Hunter) are dropped off near a large wall in Old Russia. They muse a bit about the engine and lighting effects and also describe adversaries encountered, the four-armed NPC race known as the Fallen. They also offer a bit of story on the wall, which was constructed to protect some "colony ships," but they catch themselves before too much can be revealed about the background.

The commentary doesn't offer too much more to what was seen originally, but if you want to dissect everything in the video with what they have to say, check it out below. The game, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, is scheduled to come out some time next year.