Firefall open beta now live

As it's been three months since Firefall developer Red 5 announced the free-to-play shooter MMO would start open beta testing on July 9, here's a reminder: Firefall entered open beta today. If you've ever wished MMOs had more mechsuits with jets, it's probably giving it a bash.

To start playing, go sign up and download the client.

"Firefall is still a work in progress and Red 5 Studios is a company that prides itself in our iterative process. That means that you may experience things in game that are incomplete or not working," Red 5 said today. "We would rather ship a product to you, our players, and gather feedback on that feature earlier rather than later to make sure we're on the right track and that we are making a game that you'll love."

Here, this new tutorial video will explain the basics and help you get started: