Neverwinter getting new campaign system with Fury expansion

Neverwinter is getting ready to roll out a new campaign system, which will unlock sections of a new area and powers as you progress through a series of quests. The Sharandar region, complete with the campaign, will become available when the Fury of the Feywild expansion hits this summer.

The announcement details how to access the new content. Once Fury is live, Sergeant Knox will tell you how to travel to Sharandar for the new quest line. It will appear as a new UI window, full of repeatable quests. Finishing them will unlock the various neighborhoods, a Malabog Castle dungeon delve, and passive powers.

You'll be able to unlock Malabog Castle fairly early, and then take place in solo or five-man runs through it to progress quickly. You'll have to use a one-time key acquired from the repeatable quests, though, so you'll need to work for it a bit. Rewards include T1 sets throughout Sharandar and T2 gear in Malabog itself. It will also include some unique weapons for each class.