The Wonderful 101 DLC looking unlikely as Platinum already 'put all we want to do' in

DLC can be a welcome extension to a game, but every now and then the odd pack frustratingly feels like content that would or should have been in the main game. How lovely, then, that it seems The Wonderful 101 won't be getting DLC as developer Platinum feels it's already crammed every idea it had into the game.

"We put all we want to do in 101 so u don't need DLC, I think," designer Hideki Kamiya said on Twitter in response to a question about DLC (via Nintendo Life). Delightful. He didn't entirely rule it out, of course, but if Platinum has new ideas later, so be it!

The Wonderful 101 sees citizens-turned-superheroes fighting off an alien invasion, joining up into weapons from big smashing hands to guns. Guns which fire people in bullets. Though it'll be a short game, length-wise, it's meant to keep players coming back for fun. Cramming every good idea you have into the game is only sensible, then.