Cube World public alpha now on sale

"Another Minecraft rip-off" you might snort haughtily after seeing Picroma's Cube World, but wait! Yes, it is set in a blocky procedurally-generated world, but it's quite a different game--an endless exploration action-RPG with adventure over each mountain and across every sea.

It does follow the Minecraft business model though, and after a few hiccups you can now buy the public alpha for €15 ($20-ish).

Rather than digging for minerals, Cube World is about roaming the world, completing quests, exploring dungeons, killing monsters, smashing bosses, hang-gliding, climbing, sailing, taming pets, and, of course, finding and crafting items. It offer both single-player and multiplayer.

Four classes are playable--warrior, rogue, ranger, and mage--with skill trees and specialisations and all that action-RPG stuff. Combat's skill-based, with dodging, combos, and whatnot.

Check the official site for more on everything it offers. Right now it's only for PC, but Mac and console versions are planned too.

You can buy the Cube World public alpha now from the developer. Picroma tried to launch this on Tuesday but the servers fell over. Things seem to be running smoothly now, though.