Outcast 'revival' coming as creators buy IP

With the crowdfunding boom sparking reboots and 'spiritual successors' all over the place, we live in interesting times for forgotten classics. Voxelicious open-world explore-a-shooter Outcast is the latest revenant to rise, as the founders of developer Appeal have bought the intellectual property off Atari.

Released for PC in 1999, Outcast sent a soldier into an alien parallel universe after a probing experiment gone wrong creates a black hole munching on the Earth. It was an interesting open-world-ish affair, with factions to befriend if you fancy, gadgets to play with, mounts, crafting, and other pleasant touches. It was also jolly pretty, with clever AI t'boot.

Appeal founders Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet announced yesterday that they've closed a deal with Atari to buy the IP. They stated in a press release that have "started the revival of the franchise and will soon announce further developments." That's all we have.

Outcast's planned sequel ended up scrapped after Appeal went bankrupt.

A group of Outcast fans have been working on their own CryEngine-powered unofficial sequel, Outcast: Legacy of the Voids, for several years.

The original's on GOG for $2.99 in the summer sale, if you fancy giving it a bash. Look, here's a fan-made video tribute to Outcast: