Cloud Strife costume is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII pre-order bonus

You, of course, are far too wise to pre-order games unless or they're cheap enough or come with something fancy enough that you're happy taking a gamble. The Cloud Strife costume and sword offered as pre-order bonuses for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are not that fancy, but they are sort of cool so hey, come look.

Pre-ordering the RPG sequel-sequel gets you the Cloud Strife Soldier 1st Class DLC for free, which lets lighting dress up in the Final Fantasy VII star's Soldier 1st Class uniform, wield his Buster sword, wave it around with his finishing animation, and boogy to his victory fanfare. One would be awfully surprised if it's not sold separately later.

Yes, it's just a silly little piece of DLC thrown in as fanservice, but it's always quite fun to see crossplay legitimized.

Lightning Returns will cap off the Final Fantasy trilogy on February 11, 2014, having been little delayed from this fall. What was once Final Fantasy Versus XIII has now become Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix revealed at E3.