Planetside 2 class updates coming every two months

Sony Online Entertainment announced at the MLG Spring Championships last weekend that all of Planetside 2's player classes would receive updates. The first will be the Infiltrator, with other updates being released every two months. Creative director Matt Higby told Shacknews that each would be structured similar to the MAX changes that came out in early May.

"We just released our MAX update, which was spread over several updates, with new MAX abilities, weapons, and cosmetics," said Higby. "That's about what you can expect to see in all of our class updates that we do in the future. Our plan right now is to do one every two months. We have six classes and in a year, you'll see a refresh happening for each one of the six classes."

As for the upcoming modifications to the Infiltrator, "He's gonna get some new cloak types," Higby said. "There's a cloaking type called the 'Stalker Cloak,' which basically is a cloak that has no duration. You can stay cloaked forever with it."

Melee weapons will also be improved to complement the Infiltrator's cloaking ability. "Wieldable melee weapons will be a thing," Higby added. "Maybe you'll have a vibro-sword or katana of some sort that you can use as your primary weapon. So you'll be able to sneak around more and be able to do more with melee weapons for close-range combat. Those are the cornerstones of the Infiltrator update, for now."

The Infiltrator update is being targeted for late July/early August.