Proteus strolling onto PS3 and Vita

I've deleted and restarted this news post several times because I struggle to express how wonderful and magical Proteus is. It's really good; I like it a lot. The wonderous island where every step builds the procedural soundtrack is coming to PlayStation, porter Curve Studios announced today, with a downloadable release on PS3 and Vita.

Proteus is a stroll 'em up set on a procedurally-generated island, with a procedural score built of music intertwining with sounds of the native flora and fauna. It's all very magical, both due to its unreal sights and sounds and, well, some of the strange things you may encounter. Or may not. It's a different island each time, see.

All you do is wander around looking at and listening to things. That's it. And it's amazing. The original version was released by creators Ed Key and David Kanaga on PC in January, and the PlayStation port is coming from Stealth Bastard developer Curve Studios. Curve is also behind the PS ports of Lone Survivor and Thomas Was Alone.

Curve marketing man Rob Clarke blathers in the announcement about "using the power of PS3 and PS Vita" for "the absolute best Proteus experience" and making the ports "even better than the original", which I suppose we'll hear more about soon.

No word on when these two ports will be released, though. Look, a trailer showing Proteus on PC: