State of Decay update 2 out today

It started in Australia but didn't stay there for long. Within hours it was rolling across borders and drifting across seas, a wave of undead crashing against shores. The second State of Decay title update is rolling out today, I'm saying. The patch notes list a grand 56 changes, from bug fixes to balance tweaks.

Developer Undead Labs has the full changelog on its forums. Notable changes include making Facilities more useful, adding v-sync, fixing a bug that stopped saves with large communities from loading, correcting an error that could block the story, and tidying up more places players could get stuck.

So far everything seems to be going smoother than the first update, which wasn't being applied correctly when it launched.

Publisher Microsoft recently declared State of Decay "the fastest selling original game ever on Xbox Live Arcade", an odd little bit of specificity to exclude Minecraft. It's coming to PC too, though messages are mixed over when that might be.