Dragon Commander trailer shows 27 minutes of jetpacking dragons

So Divinity: Dragon Commander is some sort of real-time strategy spin-off from the Divinity RPG series and it lets you become a dragon with a jetpack or something, right? What does that even mean? To explain, developer Larian has released a new 27-minute gameplay walkthrough trailer, showing everything that goes on in one single campaign turn.

You see, as well as RTS battles where you can morph from a human commander with an RTS view to a cyberdragon which flies around exploding men, Dragon Commander also has a fairly complex turn-based side enveloping it. You'll engage in diplomacy, move troops around a campaign map, research upgrades, and play cards to affect battles. Which is certainly more than I was aware of.

Dragon Commander is due to take off on PC on August 6, having been delayed from June.

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