Havok releases free mobile game engine: Project Anarchy

Havok has launched a free game engine called Project Anarchy. Targeting mobile platforms, Project Anarchy allows developers to release games on iOS and Android platforms.

Although Havok is best known for their physics suite, Project Anarchy is an "end-to-end" engine that can help create complete games, including rendering, animation, and AI. Third-party tools like Fmod are also part of the package.

Of course, Havok isn't releasing an engine out of the generosity of their hearts. There is a catch. If you do ship a game with Project Anarchy, you'll be required to use their logo in the game's splash screen. Havok also reserves the right to "do some co-marketing" on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, if you create a game that targets Android or Tizen, the license requires building an equivalent x86-compatible version and uploading that at the same time.

Interested developers will want to check out the Project Anarchy website to find out more.