Madden designer suit against EA going to trial [update]

Update: The story originally incorrectly stated that Electronic Arts had lost the case brought against it by Robin Antonick. The story has been corrected below.

Electronic Arts has been denied its final attempt to dismiss a lawsuit brought against it by Robin Antonick, the designer of the original Madden game. Antonick is seeking unpaid royalties, punitive damages, and disgorgement of profits. The trial is scheduled to begin on July 17.

According to his representative's firm (via GamePolitics), Antonick's series of publishing and development contracts entitles him to royalties on any derivative works made from his original creation, including the current annual releases. He alleges that EA has not paid him millions in royalties, and hasn't kept his work confidential as stated in their contract.

The press release from his representatives states that the jury will be tasked with determining royalties from the $200 million in revenues between 1990 and 1996, with the era from 1997-2013 coming at a later phase of the trial. Friday's ruling regarded whether the statute of limitations had expired on filing a lawsuit. The jury ruled that Antonick did not suspect, and would not have known, about any wrongdoing before 2005.

"We have very compelling evidence indicating that EA used Mr. Antonick's ground-breaking code and design elements as the basis for both past and present Madden NFL titles," said Robert Carey, one of Antonick’s attorneys. "Yet, EA has failed to compensate him as required by his agreement or give him proper credit for his work. We look forward to proving our case at trial, and we are very confident that we will prevail."