Hotline Miami hammers PS3 & Vita next week

"The thing is," I waffle on at the party, a pint mug of gin in one hand, "Hotline Miami criticises grotesque video game violence whilst forcing us to accept we do actually revel in it." Your eyes dart to the door but I've cornered you by the fridge. "That's very interesting," you say, "but I only have a PlayStation." Ha! You are caught. The PS3 and Vita editions will launch next week, priced at a very reasonable $9.99.

It'll hit PlayStation Network on Tuesday, June 25, publisher Devolver Digital confirmed on the PlayStation Blog. It comes with a new mask too, 'Russell the raging bull', which turns everything black and white except blood and points. And yes, it is cross-buy and cross-save.

Hotline Miami 2 was revealed for PC during E3, and we liked what we saw.

Observe, a trailer for Hotline Miami's original PC edition: