Joe Danger PC includes TF2 characters, Minecraft levels

Gosh, what a big happy family everyone is on PC. Hello Games today announced that it's buddying up with Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft for the PC editions of its Joe Danger games. You'll be able to be blockmen and make blocky levels in Joe Danger 2, and play as TF2 characters in both.

The full cast of TF2 classes are available for your racing enjoyment, which Minecraft's offerings are Steve and the eerie Pigman. Minecraft blocks are available in the level editor too.

"Just for fun Aaron started adding TF2 characters into Joe Danger and I was in love with how good they looked. We completely had to make them happen for real, so we called Valve, and now it's a real thing!" Hello manager director Sean Murray explained. He added, "Is this the first time Minecraft is on Steam? Is this legal?"

Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 somersault onto Steam next Monday, June 24.