GOG summer sale launches with free Torchlight

DRM-deficient digital distributor GOG has launched a mighty summer sale, cutting 50% off the ticket price of most its games, both new and old. This means you can snap up a ludicrous number of bargains. On top of that, GOG's running even bigger one-day sales and, oh my, is offering Runic's fine action-RPG Torchlight for free to get things rolling. To get Torchlight, simply follow GOG's instructions. It's free until 4:59am Pacific on Thursday. A ridiculous number of fine games are on sale so I won't give a full run-down. While the sale is set to run until July 5, some games won't be on sale all that time, so you may want to buy them before they vanish. Oh, but what if they later turn up in a daily deal! If you're feeling diligent, check GOG's forums frequently and only buy games when it's either clear they won't be in a daily or they're about to come off sale. The first daily sales are both Alan Wake games for $4.48 and an absurd bundle of D&D games for $21.10. Say, let's all pick out a game on sale or two whose name we'll happily scream aloud in a public place, perhaps a park or shopping mall, until everyone plays it to placate us. I'll start: System Shock 2 is $4.99 and The Witcher 2 is $9.99.

This Protocol Droid is here to help you buy System Shock 2. How can it help you if you hide?