Competitive multiplayer platformer SpeedRunners announced

DoubleDutch Games and No Time To Explain creator tinyBuild today announced SpeedRunners, a PC platformer where you're a superhero who simply needs to run off the edge of the screen. Only, all the other heroes will do their best to slow you down and pull you back. It's four-player local competitive multiplayer, see.

The heroes are somewhat less than virtuous in their racing, which the announcement says comes about "probably because there are too many heroes and not enough crimes." As well as triggering traps, they can fire missiles at each other, and use the handy grappling hook to literally drag each other back too. Expect running, jumping, climbing, boosts, powerups, and trickery.

The four racers can be in any combination of local and online multiplayer, which is nice.

DoubleDutch is responsible for the core game, while tinyBuild is behind the branding and identity.

Beta testing is due to begin in mid-July, which you can sign up for on the official site, then it's due to hit Steam Early Access "soon after."