Civilization V: Brave New World trailer highlights World Congress

While we were distracted gushing over horseback stealth and hair dragons last week during E3, 2K Games quietly released another Civilization V: Brave New World trailer. Now that we've had time to see it, hey, it's a short but interesting look at one of the expansion's big new features: the World Congress and its new diplomatic win.

The World Congress is a United Nations analogue where every civilization gets together to vote on resolutions. These include hosting the International Games, enacting trade embargoes, banning particular luxury resources, taxing armies, and stopping the construction of nuclear weapons. They can also build things like the International Space Station together.

At a certain point, seemingly once the Information Era is reached, every civilization will vote for a leader of the world at the World Congress. If any one civ wins, they win the game. Huzzah!

Do check out the trailers focused on Brave New World's culture and tourism, trade routes, and policies and ideologies too, if you haven't already. The expansion launches for PC on July 9.