The Order: 1886's alternate Victorian London detailed

The debut trailer for The Order: 1886 was intriguing, but vague. The subsequent announcement filled in some gaps, and now Ready at Dawn has gone into more detail about its alternate-history take on Victorian London.

Studio co-founder Ru Weerasuriya told IGN that they never felt like they were ready for such a large-scale project until around 2010, when chatter began around the PlayStation 4. It chose to focus on PlayStation 4 to "take the most out of" the hardware.

You'll be playing as Galahad, the bearded man from the trailer. The Order has been fighting against the shadowy monsters for a millennium, but the advent of the Industrial Revolution created new weapons for the organization to use. That said, the story takes place in an alternate version of the Industrial Revolution, and Ready at Dawn isn't shy about mixing together anachronistic elements like advanced weaponry and zeppelins. Real people will make an appearance as well, though Weerasuriya was reportedly cagey when asked point-blank if Jack the Ripper would come into play.

"We used [the Industrial Revolution] as a catalyst for something else, this war that was going on for a long time was stagnating," Weerasuriya said. "As a matter of fact, humans were losing the war for a long time. And the Industrial Revolution allows man to basically get weaponry that finally puts the advantage in their hands."

While this game takes place in London, he points out that "the IP is broad." That would seem to indicate that potential future games could take place in other places, during the same time period.