XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits iOS on Thursday

We were jolly pleased when we got to play the iOS port of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and soon you should be too. The proper full game, which we're assured has "no free-to-play aspects to it," will launch this Thursday, June 20, at $19.99.

The iOS version is a proper port of the original PC game, with the interface reworked for touchscreens. 2K has removed a few cutscenes (replaced with text descriptions) and maps, but we were told "Things that were cut really don't affect your overall experience."

And yes, $20 may be a hefty pricetag for an iOS game, but those cuts aside it is the full and proper game, with no microtransaction gubbins to buy 'energy' or whatnot. "The design of XCOM is pretty tightly constructed, and I don't think making changes to the game to support a different business model would have made sense," lead designer Jake Solomon told us in an interview.