State of Decay first title update not working

The promised first update for open-world survive 'em up State of Decay went live over the weekend, or so it seemed. Unfortunately, the fixes it was supposed to bring were clearly not in effect, and after a bit of checking developer Undead Labs has confirmed that "the update was being downloaded, but not applied." It's working on getting this working, but can say when that might be.

"I want to apologize," executive producer and company founder Jeff Strain said in a forum post (via XBLA Fans). "This is not acceptable, and you deserve better than this."

He added, "We're on the phone with our publisher right now getting everyone mobilized. There's nothing we can do at UL to fix this problem. Once the update has been handed off, the process of getting it to you is something only the Xbox people can handle. So, we're calling in the troops to get going on solving this problem immediately."

Undead Labs can't say when it'll be fixed, but Strain said "The worst case here is we simply roll the TU1 fixes into TU2."

Speaking of Title Update 2, here's what it should bring. Undead had hoped to deliver it for certification this week, but we'll see if these problems held it up. Strain noted that Undead "push [Microsoft] hard to get updates out quickly - probably a bit beyond their comfort zone."