Star Wars: Battlefront is 'DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be'

EA's announcement of a new Star Wars: Battlefront at E3 was, well, it was nothing. EA has since dribbled out a few more details, saying "DICE wants to put its own flavour" on the classic Battlefront formula. As Battlefront was essentially Battlefield with Star Wars, well, you probably know what to expect.

"This is DICE's interpretation of what Battlefront should be," EA Games Label head Patrick Söderlund told Eurogamer. "That's the best description you can have. There are absolutely things in the previous Battlefront games that you'll recognise and remember, but DICE wants to put its own flavour on it. That's the only way we can do it. Hence it's called Star Wars: Battlefront, without a 3 at the end. We want to say it's something new."

Ah, Battlefront 3! What a tragic fate.

Apparently Battlefront's being made by the original DICE studio in Sweden, the gang responsible for Battlefield. The new DICE studio EA recently opened in Los Angeles to work on Star Wars games may end up on DLC and premium services.

And as you'd probably guessed, considering been barely a month since EA revealed it had signed the Star Wars game license, "It's very early days" for the new Battlefront. It's coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, built on Frostbite 3.