Arma dev announces rover 'em up Take On Mars

Arma developer is bringing us the thrills, chills, and brown rolling hills of Mars in a new sim about exploring the surface of the red planet, it has announced at E3. Take On Mars have you piloting landers and rovers on scientific missions, probably not encountering hostile life you must blast to pieces but who knows how its mod tools will be used?

As well as individual scenarios and an editor to make your own, it'll pack a Space Program mode where you work to a budget, earning extra funding to develop new instruments and vehicles by completing missions. Bohemia's shooting for a fairly realistic experience, with locations based on Mars satellite data and a damage model which simulates everything from broken instruments to individual broken struts. Also, it's pretty dang mod-friendly.

"Take On Mars will be heavily aimed at modability, allowing users to create and share their own custom content, including scenarios, vehicles, and locations," Bohemia said in the announcement. "Everything in the game is modifiable." So if you do want to fight Marsmen...

Check the announcement screenshots and trailer: