Sportsfriends pre-orders offer alpha builds of local multiplayer lovelies

If you've got friends and enjoy beating them in video games whilst yelling in their faces, you should pre-order local multiplayer bundle Sportsfriends and honestly, do something about that aggression. It's a fantastic collection of top local competitive games J.S. Joust, Hokra, Super Pole Riders, BaraBariBall, and $30 pre-orders have now opened offering alpha builds of the lot.

Hokra is a delightfully minimalist take on ice hockey, while Super Pole Riders is the extreme sports version of pole vault, and BaraBariBall is somewhere between volleyball and Super Smash Brothers. As for Joust, oh my, Joust is something else.

While the other three are plain old video games, Joust is chiefly a physical game, using motion-sensitive PlayStation Move controllers to encourage people to shove at each other. It's a spectacle of balance and manoeuvring and trickery and strength and force and reach and me being given phone numbers by spectators for pushing other players over. I like it.

You can pre-order for PlayStation 3 or home computer things. Either way you get the alphas for Windows, except Joust which is only on Mac right now, and a copy of the finished bundle for your chosen platform(s).

Sportsfriends is due to launch this fall on PC, PS3, Mac, and Linux, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. Die Gute Fabrik produced the package, but the games have been made by various other indie developers too.