World of Warplanes open beta begins July 2

Hot on the tracks of yesterday's announcement that World of Tanks is coming to Xbox 360, developer Wargaming has dated the start of open beta testing for World of Warplanes. All and sundry will be able to play the free-to-play plane 'em up from July 2.

World of Warplanes is a 15v15 multiplayer war 'em up for PC. It features US, Soviet, German and Japanese planes from the 1930s through to the early 1950s, which gives a wide spread including the finest propeller planes and early jets. Like World of Tanks, you'll start out in a lowly plane and need to earn fancier ones--check the tech trees.

Wargaming is trying to make its games less 'pay-to-win' so expect to feel less pressure to cough up cash than you may have at some point in World of Tanks.

Look, a new trailer for E3: