Beyond: Two Souls E3 trailer goes to boot camp

Beyond: Two Souls already seemed to fit well into Quantic Dream's line of games which are awfully silly but insist they're highly serious, then the E3 trailer kicked it up another notch. You see, not only does Ellen Page have a ghost friend, she was also part of a super secret CIA child assassin program. Sure!

Yes, little Jodie Holmes' murderous poltergeist chum isn't the only reason everyone's so keen to catch her: apparently she was once an assassin for the CIA sent solo into Somalia to kill a warlord.

Well done, Quantic. Truly you are bringing gaming to a new audience--the seven people in the world who like goofy stories about ghosts and guns and explosions (and girls surrounded by ghosts and guns and explosions) but, somehow, haven't yet encountered 'video games.'

Beyond: Two Souls is coming to PlayStation 3 on October 8. We've got new screenshots too.

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