Twitch streaming integrated with Xbox One

The PlayStation 4 has a 'Share' button on the controller so people can show off cool things, but what about the Xbox One? Microsoft revealed something during its pre-E3 press conference that may not be quite as snazzy, but is still most welcome: Twitch.tv integration. Gold members will be able to blast their play out to the video streaming site, as well as watch others' streams.

With the simple Kinect command "Xbox: broadcast", the Xbox One can begin streaming to Twitch. You can broadcast your voice and video too, which I understand is an important part of stream.

However, Microsoft's textual announcement does have a little "*Available with supported games" note so we'll need to see just how widely supported it is. One would hope very widely.

"Live broadcasting has continued to grow in popularity, but sharing your console experience has never been this easy," Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said in another press release. Well, it hasn't so far, but it certainly will be once the PS4 hits. Not to slight this, of course--it's jolly good--but watching people carefully dance around the Share button is pleasant for E3-dazed writers like me.