Xbox Live to remain $60/year, purchases to use real money

Your Xbox Live Gold membership will transfer over from your Xbox 360 to Xbox One. And, you won't have to hoard prepaid cards as Microsoft has announced that it has no plans to raise its price. The subscription service will remain $60/year.

In addition, Gold benefits will be available to anyone that accesses it on your Xbox One. That means your roommates, family, and friends will be able to "access many Xbox Live Gold benefits" on your system, even if they don't have Gold.

"Your primary Xbox Live Gold membership also travels with you to any Xbox One system," Marc Whitten wrote in a public letter on Xbox.com.

Another big change: purchases made on Xbox Live will no longer require Microsoft Points, beginning this fall. "All transactions will now take place using local currency, also known as money," Whitten smartly points out.