Metal Gear Solid 5 E3 trailer is brilliant; confirms Xbox One

Confirming at E3 that Metal Gear Solid V was indeed coming to Xbox One would not be exciting; we'd all already guessed that. What was jolly ruddy flipping exciting was how Microsoft announced this during its pre-E3 press conference: with a fantastic wonderful lovely gameplay trailer showing off the open-world sneak 'em up.

The trailer sees Snake--operating under the delightful codename Punished Snake--on horseback, driving vehicles, dashing, sliding, crawling, and being generally Snake-y to rescue Master Miller. And yes, Big Boss can be stealthy whilst riding a horse. It's a sight to behold.

While this trailer is supposedly for The Phantom Pain, it's a safe bet that MGS5: Ground Zeroes is also coming to Xbox One too. If that's still happening. And hasn't been rolled into The Phantom Pain. Who even knows what's going on with that anymore? Hopefully Konami will stop being so coy and cryptic at its own E3 show.

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