Deadly Premonition creator's D4 announced for Xbox One

Oh sure, the new consoles will have various ways to shoot men in the face, some exclusive to one system or another, but what about the interesting stuff? Microsoft announced some proper news during its pre-E3 press conference: Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka 'Swery65' Suehiro and Access Games are making an Xbox One exclusive under the name D4.

D4 is described as an "episodic noir mystery" with a pleasing cartoon-y style. As for what you actually do, the only real clear snippet of gameplay involved a man aboard a plane beating someone up in what looked suspiciously like a rhythm game. Also there was an owl. Symbolism, I can smell it a mile away.

"D4 follows the story of a detective with the curious ability to dive back in time," is the official description. "He must use this power to solve his wife's murder, and then try to prevent it."

Microsoft Studios is publishing so yes, no Sony for this one.

Check out the first handful of screenshots and peep the announcement trailer:

BOOM video 15476