Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII E3 trailer lands as PC rumors denied

"There has to be a way to get through," Lightning mutters as she approaches a locked gate in the 'E3 Demo Gameplay' trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Then she presses a button and it opens. Yes, while it's still a short cutty-snippy 'gameplay' trailer, at least it's more honest than most about what you'll actually do in the game.

Marketing demos are all we'll see of Lightning Returns for quite some time, as Square Enix has delayed the trilogy-concluding RPG from its planned fall launch to February 11, 2014.

Still, as this is a trailer for the E3 gameplay demo, one imagines at least we'll see and hear more from the demo when E3 officially kicks off tomorrow. If you want a more conventional cinematic-y E3 trailer, however, Square Enix has already got you covered, releasing one last week.

Posters for the game spotted around Los Angeles state that the game's coming to PC as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but Square Enix told Destructoid that's just a mistake. We'll see!

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