State of Decay update coming as sales pass 250k; PC version won't be 'soon'

Just when everyone seemed bored stiff of zombies, State of Decay launched last week and shook a little life into the genre. That sentence contained two jokes. The open-world zombie 'em up sold a whopping 250,000 copies in its first two days on sale, developer Undead Labs announced, also revealing that an XBLA title update is in the pipe. Alas, it also says the PC version won't be coming soon "by any meaningful use of the word 'soon'."

The headline feature of the title update is that playable characters will no longer be killed by the simulation, so you needn't worry quite so much about what happens after you stop playing. It also fixes loads of spots where NPCs would get stuck in, or fall through, the world. Go, read the full changelog. Undead expects the update to pass certification and go live this week.

Quite a few people will be happy to see the patch, as the game's going gangbusters.

"We have sold more than a quarter million copies since we released the game two days ago. State of Decay has smashed all kinds of records," community director Sanya Weathers said on Friday. "The only game that ever sold more on XBLA this fast was Minecraft... an already hugely popular game." Lawks, and that was before the weekend!

Sadly, PCteers who want to join in the zombie-smashing fun have a fair wait ahead of them.

"We are still working on the PC version, and I don't have a really good estimate for completion," Weathers told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. "Too much depends on third parties. It isn't going to be soon by any meaningful use of the word 'soon'."

And that's the state of State of Decay.