Knights of Pen & Paper meta-roleplaying on PC June 18

Who has the time to play games anymore? No, we're growed-ups, spending our personal time with our roller skates and bills. So bring on the June 18 launch of "meta RPG" Knights of Pen & Paper, confirmed today by publisher Paradox, where a group of roleplayers can play a tabletop RPG for us, and all we have to do is tell them what to do. That's saving time! I think.

See, you control a party of people from classes like Pizza Guy, Jock, and Rocker, who are themselves playing RPG characters in a fantasy setting. Your people have their own stats and are boosted by things like food and interior decorating, while theirs are, well, fantasy RPG characters. I'm no mathematics wizard but somewhere in here I'm surely saving time to spend with my cat.

The game debuted on mobile in October 2012, but is coming to PC, Mac and Linux with more character options, dungeons, a longer campaign and other shinies as the '+1 Edition'. Those changes will make it back to iOS and Android, too.

It'll cost $10, or $15 for a Digital Deluxe Edition with more game room customisation bits, a Yellow Wizard character I assume is from Magicka, and an extra campaign map. Pre-ordering gets you bonus gold and the soundtrack.