Total War: Rome 2 expanded politics system detailed

Total War: Rome 2 is getting a heavy dose of politics. Rather than deal only with diplomacy and foreign conflicts, this one will see you dealing with disagreeing factions within Rome itself.

The Creative Assembly's Al Bickham told Polygon that the player will be vying for power against the House and Senate. You'll have to keep the right people working in the right branches of government and marry family members into influential families to curry influence. But if you get too powerful the House and Senate might start a civil war, putting your world domination plans on hold while you deal with the internal strife.

"If you play as Rome, then you have to deal with the great families of Rome at the time as well as the senate," Bickham said. "The history was all about who was going to be the first man of Rome. After Caesar became a tyrant and crowned himself emperor, everybody else was like, this is how Rome is now, we're no longer a republic. It just created all these power struggles that were more about personal gain and personal power than running an entire culture and society in a way that was beneficial to the people."

Not coincidentally, The Creative Assembly released a trailer regarding Cleopatra, which ties nicely into both general foreign intrigue and bedroom politics. Check it out below.

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