Disney Infinity gets Lone Ranger play set

Disney has unveiled its next playset for Disney Infinity. With all the characters and franchises it could choose from, it has decided to promote its upcoming movie, The Lone Ranger. Coupled with Pirates of the Caribbean, that means Johnny Depp times two!

The playset includes The Lone Ranger and Tonto in a Wild West setting. The set will also have ricochet combat to take down hiding enemies, mounts, and building up and customizing your train so players can defend the railroad. The characters, mounts, and weapons can all be brought into the game's toy box mode as well.

Disney told us that the game will offer drop in and drop out co-op, and that player-created adventures can be saved and submitted to Disney. If approved, the company will make them available to the community as a "best of" type of offering for others to try.

The set joins Monster University, Cars, and The Incredibles, and will be available when the game launches on August 18.