New Plants vs Zombies 2 details surface

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time received an official July 18 release date earlier this week. There was also a new trailer that was high on humor, but seemingly light on gameplay or any actual facts on what the iOS game is about. Fortunately, some new details provide a better peek at what Popcap's latest is set to offer.

Plants vs Zombies 2 will feature three worlds taking place in different time periods, according to Edge Online. The story sees PvZ protagonist Crazy Dave searching for the world's best taco, probably after feeling less than enthused about the new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco. Each world will include 10 levels and feature new plants (Bonk Choy, Coconut Cannons, Snapdragons) and zombies, the latter of which will be themed to the world. Completed levels can also be replayed with new sets of parameters.

It should come as a relief to fans of the first game that PopCap is promising to forgo the more aggravating free-to-play tropes, like pay walls and Facebook notifications. There will be permanent boosts offered for real money, but they don't appear to be essential.

PopCap also insists that PvZ2's development was unaffected its acquisition from EA. Lead producer Allen Murray explained to Edge Online that PopCap had already been developing the long-awaited sequel as a free-to-play game and that EA has had no effect on the game's day-to-day development.