Infamous: Second Son trailer captures emotion for character

There is a new main character coming to inFamous: Second Son, and developer Sucker Punch has released a developer diary detailing how it is building the emotion for Delsin by capturing the expressions of actor Tony Baker in its motion capture sessions.

Capturing the "raw performance" of Baker--who also performed in The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite--was important to delivering a strong story, said technical director Spencer Alexander on the PlayStation Blog. "Troy’s take on the character captured the restless potential we’d always hoped to see in Delsin. With our new facial technology, we can truly capture the nuance he brings to the character. It can be as small as an eye twitch, but that little bit of motion can make the moment come alive in ways you never expected. The actors bring a lot to the table; it’s exciting to finally have a method for bringing those performances directly to the player."

You can check out the full diary below. The game is exclusive to the PlayStation 4.